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Diana's Band

In Restoration London, in the wake of the Great Fire, Diana the dowager Countess of Hartsworth finds a cause that draws her back from her mourning: lending a subtle hand to help vulnerable women find their feet and their dreams. Each woman she helps must pledge to help others when called on. Slowly, "Diana's Band" grows in power and influence. Named after the followers of the Classical goddess, Countess Diana's proteges each find love waiting as a reward. This historic romance series will be connected by the chain of favors and obligations, exploring the fascinating and exciting lives of queer women in late 17th century England.

cover image: Whispers in the Stacks
July, 2024

Thomasine would do anything to get out from under the thumb of her guardian. Just maybe, this one last caper would do it: steal a book from the private library of Hartsworth House. A very specific book. A very scandalous book. When the Countess of Hartsworth's secretary finds Thomasine in the act, the consequences offer an entirely different escape--an escape to something...and someone.

(This is a short story within a planned series titled Diana's Band, set in Restoration London.)