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Bound in Bitterness

cover image: Whispers in the Stacks
July, 2024

Thomasine would do anything to get out from under the thumb of her guardian. Just maybe, this one last caper would do it: steal a book from the private library of Hartsworth House. A very specific book. A very scandalous book. When the Countess of Hartsworth's secretary finds Thomasine in the act, the consequences offer an entirely different escape--an escape to something...and someone.

(This is a short story within a planned series titled Diana's Band, set in Restoration London.)

Bibliographic citation: 

Jones, Heather Rose. 2024. "Bound in Bitterness" in Whispers in the Stacks: An Anthology of Library Love Stories, edited by M.J. Lowe. Bella Books. ISBN 9781642475937e