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Short story


Thomasine would do anything to get out from under the thumb of her guardian. Just maybe, this one last caper would do it: steal a book from the private library of Hartsworth House. A very specific book. A very scandalous book. When the Countess of Hartsworth's secretary finds Thomasine in the act, the consequences offer an entirely different escape--an escape to something...and someone.

(This is a short story within a planned series titled Diana's Band, set in Restoration London.)

Sir Silence was raised a boy to avoid the king's edict against female heirs. When the queen is acused of adultery, will silence serve? Or will Silence serve?

A visitor from the other world seeks to entrap Elin, the Lady of Madrunion, into helping her, but it is her lover Morvyth who is snared. How can she prevail as champion against an Otherworldly opponant with only the skills of a mortal woman?

In Renaissance Italy, stories were told of the deep friendship and love between the Sienese poet Laudomia Forteguerri and Duchess Margaret of Parma, bastard daughter of the Holy Roman Emperor. This story pushes past the history books to imagine how their lives intertwined, and dares to imagine a happy ending.

When the battle turned, she sacrificed herself to let her people escape. But even as a prisoner, she may prove victorious.

Italian translation of "The Treasures of Britain".

The women of Arthur's court have a different definition of bravery than his warriors do.

German translation of "Skin Deep".

German translation of "By the Skin of her Teeth".

German translation of "More Than One Way".


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