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List of Series

In the first quarter of the 19th century, Alpennia, like the rest of Europe, has seen the rise and fall of the French Empire under Napoleon and is struggling to find their place in the aftermath. The greatest Alpennian asset in that struggle is their strong tradition of thaumaturgy, calling on the Mysteries of the Saints to answer the challenge of more powerful neighbors. At first, Margerit Sovitre has little thought for nations and politics. Her interest in mystical studies is entirely personal.

In Restoration London, in the wake of the Great Fire, Diana the dowager Countess of Hartsworth finds a cause that draws her back from her mourning: lending a subtle hand to help vulnerable women find their feet and their dreams. Each woman she helps must pledge to help others when called on. Slowly, "Diana's Band" grows in power and influence. Named after the followers of the Classical goddess, Countess Diana's proteges each find love waiting as a reward.

The famous Wiley "for Dummies" series.

Tales of the Kaltaoven, a secretive tribe in a past that never was, who sing themselves into the shapes of beasts.

German translations of some of the Skinsinger stories.

An assortment of unrelated stories, inspired by or set in the world of medieval Arthurian romance and related story cycles.

The medieval Welsh Mabinogi is a set of four linked stories of gods and heroes, love and tragedy, quests and destinies. I fell in love with these stories during my studies of the medieval Welsh language, but I always felt they needed more lesbians. The name "Mabinogi" takes as its root the word "mab" (boy or son), and so my cycle of stories is the Merchinogi, similarly based off the word "merch" (girl or daughter). I plan a quartet of stories, just as the original, following the loves, quests, and destinies of Elin, the Lady of Madrunion, and Morvyth, her beloved.