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Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast - Index of Episodes

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The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast is a supplement to the LHMP blog and discusses specific individuals, topics, or publications that I think people might find particularly interesting. While the blog summarizes research relating to various lesbian-like topics of interest to authors and readers, the podcast has a more informal storytelling style. It also gives me a chance to present readings from some of the historic texts that the project covers.

In the podcast's second year, I've expanded to a weekly schedule including other types of material: author interview segments, highlighting some of the writers whose stories include women who love women in historic or historically-inspired settings; book recommendation segments; a monthly review of past and upcoming material along with listener questions; and in months with a fifth weekly show, something special.

In the third year, I added a short audio fiction series, airing in months that have a fifth show.

I am in the process of adding transcripts of many of the episodes. Because my solo episodes are done from scripts, these are the ones I'm concentrating on at the moment. I don't know if I'll have the resources to transcribe the interview episodes. Transcripts will be linked from the index below as they become available.

The podcast series is hosted by The Lesbian Talk Show, a magazine-style podcast with multiple contributors that covers books, authors, and other related subjects. Although these links are to Podbean, you can also subscribe or listen through Stitcher or iTunes. If you like the content, consider leaving a rating or review at your venue of choice.

What are people saying about The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast?

  • Lesbian Interest -- a website about lesbian films, webseries, and tv shows gives a shout-out to the shows on Sappho.
  • The Guardian says the LHMPodcast is "among three of the best lesbian podcasts"
  • I'm always delighted to note when the LHMPodcast gets a shout-out in media, but I have removed the link to the mention of my podcast at AfterEllen as I do not want to associate myself with their exclusionary position or potentially direct clicks to their site.

Episode 1: Ordinary Women - posted 2016/08/27 (transcript)

Episode 2: Same-Sex Marriage in Restoration England - posted 2016/09/23 (transcript)

Special Episode with Suzie Carr: "The Masks We Wear" - posted 2016/10/27 (no transcript available)

Episode 3: The Goblin Market - posted 2016/10/29 (transcript)

Episode 4: Bosom Sex - posted 2016/11/26 (transcript)

Episode 5: Laudomia Loves Margaret - posted 2016/12/31 (transcript)

Episode 6: Catherine Vizzani - posted 2017/01/28 (transcript)

Episode 7: Aphra Behn - posted 2017/02/25 (transcript)

Episode 8: Medieval Love Poetry - posted 2017/03/25 (transcript)

Episode 9: The Travels and Adventures of Mademoiselle de Richelieu - posted 2017/04/29 (transcript pending)

Episode 10: Sappho of Lesbos: The Woman and the Legend - posted 2017/06/03 (transcript)

Episode 11: Sappho: The Translations - posted 2017/06/24 (transcript)

Episode 12: Catalina de Erauso - posted 2017/07/29 (transcript pending)

As the episodes are re-posted in the new podcasting account, they will be renumbered sequentially.

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In June 2018 I was also a guest on Les Do Books, another Lesbian Talk Show podcast.

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